Discover More About UV Nail Lamps

Discover More About UV Nail Lamps

A tremendous number of trends has cropped up in the nail care industry. A variety of innovative products have been introduced to add glamor and sheen to one’s nails. UV Nail Lamps is one such enhancement that helps in accentuating your nails and always making them stay beautiful and lustrous. Different types of lamps are available and they are ideal for curing your nails. Performing a variety of functions, these lamps are equipped with different settings for gels, nail polish or top-coats. UV gels that comprise of pre-mixed polymers and monomers are usually first applied to your nails and then hardened and cured with the help of a UV lamp. The UV light cured gels look more natural and are easy to maintain. In fact the illuminating ultra violet rays not only make your nails look beautiful, but are also a means to provide antiseptic disinfectant to your nails.

For personal use you can always buy a little portable UV lamp that you can use whenever it is required and it is portable enough for you to carry it anywhere you go. Most of the leading manufacturers offer lamps in attractive color combinations that are sleek and compact in design and are easy to use. Therefore, you literally wouldn’t have to suffer bad nails anymore, since all you need at your disposal is a set of excellent UV nail gels and a superior functioning UV nail lamp.

However, before you decide to purchase a lamp, you do need to be aware of the kinds that are available in the market. Usually it is about choosing the right type of lamp for curing your nails. The lamps come with different capacities of bulbs such as a 4-watt, 6-watt, a 9-watt, 12-watt, 36-watt bulb or a 54-watt bulb. If you were intending to buy a lamp for your own personal use at home, then you would need to opt for small lamp capacities of up to 9 watts. For heavy-duty use by professional technicians, a lamp with a 36-watt capacity is ideal. The UV lamp offers different wavelength that varies depending on the wattage of the bulb.

The number of bulbs and the watt will determine the UV light intensity. Therefore, this means the more bulbs UV will have, that much more intensity it is sure to emit. Moreover, the curing also depends on how far the bulbs are placed from the fingernails. The more the bulbs are away from the gel that much slower the gel will cure. If the bulbs are too far away, then the chances of curing diminish that much more. All these aspects play an important role in determining the curing of UV gels.

Though these aspects are meant to give you a brief idea on how exactly these lamps work, however, when purchasing one, you need not get confused over which one to buy. You have to simply follow what’s written on the gel, since most manufacturers do mention if the gel requires two 4-watt bulbs or a 9-watt bulb to cure and give the best results. Therefore, always buy the best UV nail lamps and you can be assured of instantly creating nails that are a complete replica of the real ones, are stunning and gorgeous and absolutely odor free.