Why Buy Moroccan Lanterns?

Why Buy Moroccan Lanterns?

Lanterns designed to look like traditional Moroccan lanterns are very popular across the world, not least in the UK where many people who have visited Morocco decided to buy one of these beautiful lamps whilst over there on holiday.

That said, even those that have not visited this North African country are still enchanted by the wonderful designs of these traditional pieces. This is because Moroccan lanterns are both practical and visually stunning. They range in size and shape, but their build is usually the same; a glass and metal out frame which houses a candle. The glass projects the light produced by the candle, creating a warm and colourful glow.

For people who prefer a little more light however, you can also buy electric Moroccan lanterns with screw in bulbs. These do not set the mood as well as the more traditional lamps but produce more light and for a lot of people the practicality of this is more important than the feel.

Moroccan lanterns are fantastic when hung up either by string in the home, or outdoors on a tree. This creates a genuine feel and if you have several of them, you can turn your home or garden into a Moroccan wonderland!

Free-standing lanterns

Also available are free standing lanterns which are probably the most popular. These are available in small and large sizes, sometimes up to 20 inches high and are designed in a similar fashion to the very oldest Moroccan lamps. They usually stand on 4 small metal legs or a large base, meaning they are very difficult to knock over and provide a sturdy foundation.

These free standing lanterns are ideal not only to provide light but as ornamental pieces for the home. Visitors will be immediately made to feel at home by these lanterns because of their soft, warm light.

Which one to buy?

Whether you decide to buy a free standing lantern or a hanging one, the decision should really be dictated by how much space you have available and how you want to work with it. For example, if you have lots of space, you could decorate the area with numerous smaller lanterns which will create a fantastic glow from that space. Add deep coloured materials such as a red and gold throw and you are well on your way to creating a feature!

Choose to buy a large Moroccan lantern if you have little space and just want to create a traditional piece that also delivers a practical purpose. Position it in the corner of the room to create a beautiful and rustic beacon of light!

If you want to make a splash with guests at your summer barbecue consider purchasing a few smaller hanging lanterns and putting these in your garden. You can hang them from the tree, or, if this is not available simply put them in the long grass to make those summer evenings feel extra special.