Coastal Lighting 101

Coastal Lighting 101

Whether you own a special vacation home, retired to a beach community, or simply want to create a serene paradise in the suburbs, proper lighting is key to creating a breezy coastal motif. Coastal style lighting is dramatically rising in popularity and available in countless options (see our Coastal Lighting store to browse a variety of styles).

If you love whimsical, novelty pieces or seek a more modern look, there is a coastal lighting style for you. When you’re browsing, look for these features.

Nautical Elements. Many coastal lighting styles feature nautical looks – clean, simple lines combined with rust or metallic finishes. From outdoor lighting to elegant chandelier designs, nautical styles always work well in coastal homes.

Shells/ Natural Materials. Used more and more frequently in lighting design, natural shells and stone make for stunning focal pieces. Use of natural materials give each piece a handcrafted look, and make each piece one-of-a-kind. Their Serene, earthy hues subtly enhance the beauty of coastal style homes.

Palm Fans. Ceiling fans with oversized blades (often palm-shaped or wicker) provide an easygoing touch – and comfortable ocean breeze year round! These help keep improve the climate in beach homes, and often reduce your air conditioning bill.

Novelty Coastal Lamps. For a unique (and no-fuss) addition to your coastal home, consider adding a Coast Lamp in one of many beach-themed designs. They are usually hand painted to order, featuring shells, sand dollars, burlap, or other beachy ornaments.

With a couple of key coastal lighting fixtures or lamps in your vacation home, you can easily transform your space into a seafaring haven!