How to Make Your Storefront More Attractive in the Winter

How to Make Your Storefront More Attractive in the Winter

The primary function of a storefront is to attract the eye of the customer and make him want to cross the threshold of your shop. It is important to have a neat and attractive shopfront to get the attention of those passing by. If you want to know how to create an attractive and dynamic look to your shopfront find out more in this article. We’ve gathered some important and useful tips and tricks that will help you have and maintain a beautiful shopfront, regardless the time of the year.

Clearing the snow from the path outside your shop

Your shopfront should capture attention and arouse interest. The snow that has gathered in front of your shop can detract customers from stopping by or even entering the shop. Furthermore, it can cause some accidents, most people can slip and fall outside your shop and you might be held responsible. That’s why you need to take additional measures. In order to clean up all the store that has gathered on the path outside your shopfront, it’s advisable to opt for a snow blower.

Why struggle with clearing snow with a shovel when you can invest in one of the top rated snow blowers units, that can help you remove snow in just a few minutes, without any back pains? Consider clearing up snow in the morning before you open the shop so you have a neat and clear surface right at your shopfront. If you don’t know which model to choose, we recommend an electric one, as they are very low maintenance and they are sufficient for a small area.

Lighting guide

The time that passes before a potential customer stops by your storefront is estimated at 7 or 11 seconds. That’s why you need to find a fast way to draw attention to your shop. We suggest hanging some colorful lights on your shopfront but don’t go overboard. Too much light will make the potential customers confused. Conversely, too little light may give the impression that your business is closed.

The lights should illuminate indirectly the products without dazzling the customer. It is better to light by night, because this way the customer will have time to identify what products you have displayed and return the next day. The key is to ensure that the customer can see the product presented, and understand effortlessly the message that we want to send him.

Color choices and decorations

The shopfront is the best marketing asset and a great option to boost sales. Here’s another practical advice, regarding color choices and decorative items. The colors and decorations can give a personal touch to your shop. You can choose to have bright and bold colors, such as green, pink, yellow or red to attract younger customers or sober and warm colors to have a cozier, friendlier and luxurious atmosphere.

It is essential to adapt the colors to your customers. Also, make sure to choose decorations consistent with the products sold. A clothing shop does not have the same decoration that a pastry shop has. Moreover, stick to some essential and original Christmas decorations, such as a Christmas wreath or a couple of red ribbons placed strategically on your shopfront.