4 Keys to Help You Hang a Successful Gallery Wall

4 Keys to Help You Hang a Successful Gallery Wall

This post about tips for creating a gallery wall is an excerpt from my book Home Decorating Made Simple – 4 Easy Steps to Decorating Your Home Even If You Have No Time, Money, or Skills.

Gallery walls are very popular in home decorating. What is a gallery wall? A gallery wall is an easy and beautiful way to display items on the wall that have great meaning to you and your family. Some items that may be included in a gallery wall are family photos, treasured items, special quotes, or anything that speaks to you and your style.

I love gallery walls. They are fun, interesting to look at, and a great way to express your style or a theme. To help you create a gallery wall here are a few tips from IndoTogel HK.

Mix Styles

Don’t be afraid of mixing styles in your gallery wall. Mixing traditional with modern or any other design style will create an interesting wall to look at. I will say don’t mix too many styles, usually mixing two styles on one gallery will work great.

Also, mixing types of items is a key to mastering the gallery wall. I like mixing decorative wall items with art and family photos. This creates a unique look that will look professionally designed.

Stay With A Theme

Staying with a theme or color scheme with help your gallery wall look cohesive. You don’t want one piece to out shine the rest. When you look at a gallery wall your eye should look around the whole gallery wall and not be drawn immediately to one spot.

Anchor Your Gallery Wall With Furniture

Your gallery wall shouldn’t be floating in space on the wall. Building a gallery wall around a piece of furniture to ground the wall decor is key to creating balance in the space. Great pieces of furniture to ground a wall with are sofas, console tables, and buffets.

Map It Out

Doing some preplanning and laying out of your gallery wall can go a long way to making hanging easier and avoiding too many wrong nail holes. There are two easy ways to map out a gallery wall that I like to use.

  • Layout on the Ground – You can layout your art, frames and decorative items on the ground first to play around with the layout. Once you have everything just right get your hammer out and start hanging.
  • Using Craft Paper – You can use a roll of craft paper to make paper cut outs of your wall decor. Label each craft paper cut out with the name of the piece it represents. Then start arranging them on the wall with painters tape. You can also mark on the craft paper where the nail should go. This is my favorite way to lay out a gallery wall because you get the best sense of how everything will look on the wall.

Layout Idea Starters

If you need help creating interesting gallery wall layouts, here are a few ideas that may help you make a fantastic gallery wall anywhere in your home.

Say Good-Bye to Boring Walls

Are you ready to get rid of the blank walls in your home? I hope you have learned a few helpful tips to make hanging a gallery wall a lot easier. Gallery walls create amazing focal points in a space. They are also a fun way to a some personality and tell a story.