6 Step Formula to Decorating a Coffee Table

6 Step Formula to Decorating a Coffee Table

When it comes to decorating a coffee table you may feel clueless. Especially if you are just beginning to decorate your home. Often you may question what goes into creating an interesting and stylish coffee table setting.

However, decorating a coffee table is easier than you may think. I believe there is a simple formula to follow when decorating a coffee table like a pro. Follow these steps and you are almost guaranteed success.

Before you know it you will go from a clueless to a confident home decorator overnight.

6 Step Formula to Decorating a Coffee Table

1. Add a Tray

Placing a serving table on your coffee table is the foundation piece to build off of. My suggestion is to select one that is sized around 15″ by 22″. You want one large enough to layer on some more accessories. Also, think about style; trays come in all colors and styles. Select one that fits your personal style and color scheme for the room.

2. Add a Stack of Books

Next, place a stack of 3-4 decorative coffee table books on the tray. Choose decorative books with interesting or colorful covers. Also, vary the size from large at the bottom to small on top.

3. Add 3 Decorative Objects

Place 3 decorative objects on your coffee table and tray. These home accessories should vary in shape and size. You can arrange them on the tray or next to the tray. Play around with the arrangement until it feels right and looks pleasing.

4. Add a Book Topper

Place a smaller decorative item on top of the stack of books. This could be a candle, coral or shell, a ting box, vase of flowers, or anything else that fits on the top book.

5. Add Something Green

Finally add a plant to your arrangement. Plants are essential in home decorating. They add life, color, and texture to any space. Some good plants for coffee tables are succulents, air plants, a terrarium, or any plants that grow vertical.

6. Add a Bowl, Dish, or Box

Adding a bowl, dish, or decorative box will not only add style but can also help hide and organize controllers. You can also, put decorative balls in the bowl or on the dish.

Following this formula will help you create a stunning vignette for a coffee table that adds color, texture, and pattern to the space. Remember, one of the goals of home decorating is to add personality, style, and something beautiful to view. These steps will assist you with doing just that when decorating a coffee table in your home.