17 Stylish Bathroom Storage Solutions to Organize Clutter

17 Stylish Bathroom Storage Solutions to Organize Clutter

Bathroom storage solutions are not only needed, but can also add a lot of style. There are bathroom storage solutions that work but are ugly. Then there are better storage options that are not only functional, but are beautiful.

You may be looking to create a relaxing retreat or just to organize the clutter in your bathroom, storage solutions can help you love your bathroom again. Adding simple decorative storage can easily and inexpensively update your bathroom in no time.

I know everyone has different storage needs. Myself, I don’t need much storage. A place for my toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, and contact case. Now, my wife and someday my girls, need a lot more than me. Regardless of your needs these clever and stylish bathroom storage ideas will help you out.


Whether old or new, ladders in the bathroom are a versatile storage solution. You can drape towels over the rungs, hang baskets from it, or do both.

Floating Shelves

When storage is needed always look for ways to go vertical. Floating shelves are a great place for many things in your bathroom. From extra toilet paper hidden in baskets to towels to decorative accents that take your bathroom up a notch.

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are stylish bathroom storage options that can organize so many things. My favorite thing to store in apothecary jars are cotton balls, q-tips, and bath bombs. If you are looking for inexpensive bathroom jars, check out Save On Crafts. It is a great site to shop many stylish bathroom storage solutions.


Mason Jars

Mason jars are for more than just food storage. You can use mason jars in the bathroom to hold make-up brushes, as a rustic soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or hang them on the wall to organize hair ties and bobby pins.

Baskets & Crates

Baskets and wood crates can be used to hide and organize bathroom toiletries that are not pretty to see out in the open. You can use baskets on open shelves, on top of the toilet to hold extra toilet paper, or hang on the wall to store rolled bath towels. For a farm or rustic style, which I love, consider using wire baskets.

Hooks, not Towel Bars

Towel hooks are better than towel bars for two reasons. One, you can usually store more towels on hooks than a single bar. Two, hooks allow bath towels to dry faster than draping and folding towels over a bar.

Above the Door

Definitely an overlooked space in most bathrooms is over the door into the bathroom. Depending on the layout and ceiling height of your bathroom you can add a storage shelf above the door. This is especially a smart idea to increase storage in a small bathroom.

Wall Wine Rack

If your not a wine drinker, I personally prefer a beer or cocktail, then find a wall wine rack to repurpose as a towel storage solution. Rolled towels fit perfectly on most wine racks.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipes can be cut down and attached to the inside of cabinet doors to hold a curling iron or blow dryer.

Repurpose Furniture

If you are looking to add bathroom storage, repurposing furniture that is not normally in a bathroom as storage can give you more needed space. You can make over nightstands, end tables, or bookshelves to add storage.

Food Jars

Food jars can be repurpose to organize small items and can be transformed into inexpensive “apothecary jars.”

Open Niche Shelves

You can add stylish open shelving between the wall studs. Built-in shelves or there are store bought units that fit right between two studs. Accessorize with decor, wash cloths, dishes and soap.

Flower Pots

Flower pots can be painted to match you color scheme to be used to organize hair products, hold soaps, and toothbrushes.

Tiered Cupcake Stands or Fruit Baskets

Stacking storage gives you more places to store things and preserves counter space. You can purchase a stand or create a DIY tiered stand. Either way you will add style and smart bathroom storage.

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Decorative Trays & Dishes

I love decorative trays and dishes. They organize smaller storage containers in one area, which is stylish and beautiful. Plus, when cleaning the counter, you can pick up the tray and wipe down the counter.

A Spare Chair

Repurpose a spare chair and make it over into wall storage in the bathroom. Or simply put the chair on the floor and place a stylish basket on and under the seat to give more storage.

Empty Frames

Empty frames have so much potential. You can repurpose frames as jewelry storage. You can also build wall cubbies with a frame by adding an open box behind the frame. Paint the frame a fun color to add a pop of color that is storage as well.

Bathroom Storage Solutions Do Add Style

If you need more storage in your bathroom these bathroom storage solutions will add style and function. Whether all you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste or you have a ton of cosmetics you can find an idea that will turn your bathroom clutter into an organized retreat.