Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Inspiration Board

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Inspiration Board

For a while now, Lynn and I have dreamed of moving to the country and buying a traditional farmhouse. There are several reasons why I, a born and raised city boy, and Lynn, a country girl, want to find a piece of country living to call home.

One reason, is to have more land to be more self-sufficient. We want to have chickens, goats, pigs, and an even bigger garden than we already have. Currently our urban garden is 900 square feet, which I know is big for a city garden.

This is our garden from 2015 after planting the seeds.

Another reason why I see a country move in our future is because we want to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life. We are always thinking of ways we could live more simply. One way we hope to do this is to buy a smaller home on the largest plot of land we can get, at least 5 acres.

Creating a Farmhouse in the City

Well in the meantime, I am doing what I can to transform our home into a farmhouse in the city. Lynn and I have fallen in love with rustic farmhouse style. So to bring the farmhouse style to our 60’s Traditional I am making plans to transform our full bath into a little taste of Farmhouse living.

I planing on making over this bathroom using the roadmap I share in book, Home Decorating Made Simple. If you are tired of feeling stuck when decorating your home this home decorating success roadmap is for you. Learn more now.

This farmhouse bathroom transformation will be done on a small budget and without major changes to the existing plumbing. This will give this blank slate of bathroom new life and beauty. Plus, bring a slice of the country to our home.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Inspiration Board

Before you begin a home decorating project, a fun and helpful thing to do is create a inspiration board. This helps organize your ideas, likes, and overall feeling for the space you are about to makeover. I did this for my bathroom makeover and here is my inspiration board.