27 Ways to Avoid a Sticker Shocked Husband

27 Ways to Avoid a Sticker Shocked Husband

Do you love decorating your home, but your husband think you spend too much money decorating the home? Does he get sticker shocked when he see how much you spend decorating the master bedroom? Let me help you avoid giving your husband a heart attack every time you decorate the house with 27 money saving design tips.

Saving money on home decorating is not impossible. Decorating your home should not be a painful or costly project and your husband to be happy in the end. At any budget, big or small, you can find home decor to give the rooms in your house a designer look.

I do everything can to spend my money wisely when decorating my home. I am an interior designer, but when it comes to decorating my home my budget is limited or nonexistent at the time. So I sometimes have to get really creative and think outside of the box to decorate the rooms in my house.

If you are in the same position as I am when it comes to budget, and even if you’re not, it is always good to save money. With these tips will help you save money on home decorating I will bet you will be able to stretch your decorating dollars much further.

Tips to Save Your Husband & Money on Home Decorating

1. Print Your Own Artwork

On Pinterest and other blogs you can find cute free printable artwork for your home. I have been doing this in my own home to add artwork in bathrooms and my daughter’s room. All you need is a printer and frame to put the artwork in. Can’t get easy or cheaper than that. A great place to find free printable artwork is on Pinterest. Be sure also to follow me on Pinterest.

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2. Repurpose an Old Piece of Furniture

It is an amazing what a new coat of paint can do to an old piece of furniture. I have done this with a few pieces of furniture. Painting a piece of furniture in a bright color can create a beautiful focal point in a room. If you have an old piece of wood furniture before throwing it out consider painting it and reusing it somewhere in your home.

3. Garage Sales Hunting

My wife and I really like to go out on Saturday mornings looking for great deals at garage sales. I am always on the hunt for quality furniture, home accessories, and artwork. Tip if you have several items you want group them together and offer a lump sum price.

4. The Dollar Store is Your Friend

Believe it or not but there are number of excellent home decorating accessories at the Dollar Store.

5. Empty Frames for Instant Artwork

No money for artwork, group empty frames on one wall to create a cheap and easy focal point in any room. Use different styles, size, shape either paint them all one color or leave them as is. If you don’t have any empty frame you can often time find empty frames at Goodwill or other thrift stores for a few bucks each.

6. Maximize your existing Furniture

If your furniture has good construction, instead of buying new furniture, consider reupholstering a sofa or chair to give it an updated look.

7. Rearrange Before buying New

Sometimes simply rearranging the furniture can restyle a room to make a new statement. Moviing furniture creates a new focal point in the room, such as around a fireplace, television or exterior view. You can also take furniture from one room to bring into another room create a different look. Just by moving by rearranging the furniture pieces in a room can help save money. Here is a video I did about arraying furniture in an open floor plan.

8. Paint a Bold Color

Color can dramatically change a room. Color creates a new mood for a space. Instead of reprinting a whole room, try painting one wall focal wall a bold accent color. Paint is an inexpensive way to reinvent your home’s decor.

9. Make your Window Treatments

Curtains can be made inexpensively from items you may already have. Have bed sheets that you are not using anymore? Repurpose them into window treatments for a room. You can also save money by buying white curtains and dying them you color that matches you color scheme.

10. Use Nature to Accessories your Home

Go to your backyard and bring things from nature into your home. Leafless twigs in a vase, fresh cut flowers, or fall leaves are free accessories that can bring a sense of nature’s beauty into your home. You can also take pictures of flowers to frame in a grouping to bring the outdoors inside.

11. Ask Friends and Family for their Unused Furniture

Many people have unused furniture in basements or storage garages. Post on Facebook what you are looking and maybe one of your friends will have a hand-me-down piece of furniture for free or cheap. I have several pieces of furniture that have found a new home in my house from family and friends. It can’t hurt to ask and you will be surprised what you find.

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12. Variety is the Spice of Life & Decor

In nature that is not one tree that is exactly alike. You can apply nature’s example of diversity into your home to save money. If you need a pair of chairs or lamps you can find two items that don’t match. Mixing pairs of furniture will give your home an interesting one-kind-look eclectic style. It is often easier and less expensive to find two different lamps at a garage sale or thrift store.

13. Reinvent the Purpose of Something Old or Unused

Just because something is use one way doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed in another way to decorate your home. Taking something old or unused and upcycling it into new furniture or home accessories is a cheap way to furnish your home. I am currently working on a project to turn an old dresser drawer into an end table. I got the drawer for free from my parents and I have legs to put on it all ready. A modern end table for almost nothing is not going to blow the budget.

14. Shop for Scratch & Dent Specials

If you are looking for new cabinet or appliances for your kitchen you can save money by accepting some minor scratches of dents. Often times the scratch or dent is on the back or sides where no one will notice it.

15. Shop at Liquidation Sale for Flooring

Shopping at liquidation stores helps make flooring more affordable for your home. I personally bought bamboo flooring for my home at over half off by shopping at Lumber Liquidators. Lumber Liquidators allowed us to get a much higher quality wood flooring for less than the lesser quality flooring we were considering.

16. Reupholstering a Sofa or Chair

It you have a sofa or chair you love, but the upholstery is either worn out or out of date reupholstering that piece can be less expensive than buying something new. Depending on the fabric you choose a 6-7 foot sofas can cost $500-$800 to reupholster. This is a good saving when an average new sofa can cost you $1200 or more.

17. Find Your Inner Photograhper

One way to inexpensively add art to your home to is take your own photography. For instance I recently took photos of flowers in my backyard. A grouping a three or more similar themed photos are a perfect wall dressing for a wall in your home.

18. Make Your Own Custom Frames

No money for custom frames? Make your own custom frames for artwork in the home without any power tools. Head on over A Beautidul Mess to read Mandi’s post Build a Custom Frame No Power Tools Required. She has a wonderful method of creating custom inexpensive frames. Her methods are much more cost saving when framing odd sized artwork.

19. Display Your Book Collection

If you have books already display them. Artfully stacking books with other home accessories give your home a designer look. See my post on my other blog, HLM Interior Design, about Ways to Decorate with Books.

20. Add Color with a Bowl of Fruit

A clear glass bowl of fruit is a simple and quick way to add a splash of color in a room. Before you eat your oranges, lemons, limes, or apples display them on a shelf.

21. Art Swap with Your Friends

You may have artwork in your home that you have had forever and have grown fed up with. Before you go out and buy new art, ask your family and friends if they would want to swap wall art with you. Most likely they have art of their walls they are just sick of, which would look perfect in your home.

22. Shop at the Right Stores

Instead of shopping at the designer stores, buy home accessories at discount store. My favorite stores to shop at are Homegoods, Marshalls, and Tuesday Morning. You can often find good deals on art, vases, baskets, throw blankets, pillows, small furniture and decor.

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23. Think Neutral When Shopping for a Sofa

If you are buying a new sofa or other upholstered furniture consider going with neutral fabric. A neutral upholstered sofa can be accessorized with any color or style. If you are going to spend money on new furniture, neutral fabric with last stand the test of trends and time.

24. Shop at the End of a Season or Holiday

You can save money on home accessories and decor if you wait until the end of a season of holiday. Most retailers will markdown their out of season decor as much as 50% off which is good for the frugal decorator.

25. Inexpensive Knock-Offs

Have you ever fell in love with that perfect accessories for your home and looked at the price tag and cry. I’ve been there. If you are willing to get a little creative and use your hands you can often times make your own home decor knock-offs. One of my favorite blogs to follow is Beckie Farrant’s Knock Off Decor. She features tutorials of the best knock-offs for your home. No one will no the difference and you will have more money in your purse for other home accessories.

26. Buy Unfinished Furniture

Buying unfinished can save you money over buying prefinished wood furniture. Unfinished furniture gives you a blank canvas to get the exact look you want for less money.

27. Think Simple

In my opinion decorating with less or more simplicity is the best way to save money on home decor. To save money, take a less is more approach when decorating your home. Look at each room in your house and see what is the minimal furniture and decor you need to decorate the space. Just because you have 4 walls doesn’t mean that all 4 walls need something. Choose 1 or 2 walls you want to be your focal walls. If your room is already decorated try removing items until have an amount of decor that feels comfortable without feeling empty. Simplicity is beautiful don’t spend a ton of money on accessories to over decorate your home.