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Sumo Logic Showdown: Compare Data Analytics Platforms

Get scalable log analytics, SIEM, APM and more, all in one place.
Collaboration is essential for delivering reliable and secure apps in today's complex architectures.
Our SaaS analytics platform offers unified security and observability, making it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure your apps and infrastructure.

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See how Sumo Logic Compares vs
Log Analytics
Log Analytics Advanced query language Allow searches across structured and unstructured data harvey ball icon
Analytics on all data Schema on-write & on-search harvey ball icon
Statistical, anomaly & comparative log analytics ML-driven log analytics harvey ball icon
Low-cost data retention Allows for longer retention of log data harvey ball icon
APM & Observability
APM & Observability APM / tracing Monitor and manage the performance of your software harvey ball icon
Infrastructure monitoring Used to collect health and performance data from components in a tech stack harvey ball icon
Log aggregation & Analytics Capture log files so that they can be sorted, queried, and analyzed harvey ball icon
Real user monitoring Provides real user metrics and measurements of user experience harvey ball icon
Synthetic monitoring** Software that emulates the paths users might take when engaging with an application harvey ball icon Via partnership
Security SIEM Supports threat detection, compliance and security incident management through the collection and analysis of security events harvey ball icon
SOAR Automates manual labor, learns repeatable pattern behavior harvey ball icon
Platform features
Platform features Unified platform* Unified platform for both observability and security use cases harvey ball icon
Dynamic scale Ability to dynamically scale each component of the architecture up or down to meet a customer’s demand. harvey ball icon
Comprehensive security attestations*** Robust security features and attestations to meet your business needs. harvey ball icon FedRAMP, PCI, SOC2, HIPAA (included)
Global presence and data residency Flexibility to store data in various regions to meet local data residency requirements and preferences. harvey ball icon
Unlimited Users Allows for widespread adoption and unrestricted access. harvey ball icon
Flexible licensing model Allows users to manage data economically at any scale. harvey ball icon
Free training and support Free training for all users ensures wide adoption for users. harvey ball icon