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Nucleon Cyber

Advanced threat intelligence for accurate discovery of emerging attacks, threats and actors.

Deception-based Threat Intelligence with Zero False Positives

Patented sensing technology leveraging an invisible polymorphic sensor fabric.

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Early Detection of Cyber Threats

Distributed, invisible polymorphic sensor fabric. Streaming early threat intelligence of attack identification per sectors, technologies and geographic locations. Providing real-time threat feeds into your Sumo Logic platform.


Reliably Decoy and Detect

Extend the organization's attack surface with local polymorphic sensors’ replication of real networks. Deceive your adversaries and get a full map of attacks, attack recording, validation of threats and sources.

Detect Insider Threats

Zero False Positive Threats

Understand the rapid pace of real-time cyber threats with our metamorphosing decoys. Continuously collecting and analyzing global threat intelligence from our sensors to deliver the most accurate intelligence about real attacks and future threats.